The SplitAgent and the JoinAgent are both initialized with no arguments:



The SplitAgent is used in conjunction with the JoinAgent. The SplitAgent creates multiple crops of an image, and the JoinAgent consolidates the results.

Letโ€™s take a look at a Workflow:
workflow = Workflow([
    ToClassificationAgent(fn=lambda x: "has ppe" if x.hardhat else "no ppe"),

Split Agent

After identifying the bounding boxes around each โ€œpersonโ€, the SplitAgent separates the detected individuals into its own branches so that subsequent processing can be applied to each person detection individually.

The result after bounding box detection

Each person is split into its own processing branch

Join Agent

After each person detection in the image has been individually assessed and classified, the JoinAgent reassembles the individual results back into a single output. The InstructorImageAgent and ToClassificationAgent steps in the workflow act on each person detection individually after the split.

The final merge gathers a comprehensive output that reflects the PPE status of all detected persons in the original image, combining the results into a single image.

The result of classifying each person detection

The final joined output